Are you tired of having dark circles under your eyes? Today, we will be listing some simple, but definitely useful, tips to help you get rid of those pesky dark circles.


Before we discuss in detail the ways to help you end your problem with dark circles, it’s first important to understand the different factors that contribute to its formation. One thing you should remember is that sleeplessness is not the only cause of under the eye discoloration. There are numerous causes of dark circles.

• Thinning of the skin under the eyes because of aging
• Genetics or hereditary
• Deficiency in iron and protein
• Infections and injuries

Getting Rid of Them

Once you know what is causing the dark circles you can better address how to remove them.

If caused by Aging

If the circles below your eye are caused by aging then there are several things you can do that can help.

Eye creams and gels with vitamin c can help to lighten and brighten the skin.  It is the best ingredient that you can use for your skin so make sure any eye cream you us has it in there.  Do no expect overnight results with vitamin c products as they usually take up to 8 weeks and sometimes more to see results.  Still, it is the best and most non-irritating ingredient to have for lightening purposes.  Click here for our latest eye cream review.

Chemical peels, laser, fillers and surgery are also options.  Which one is used depends on the type of circles you have.  For example, if they are caused by hyperpigmentation then a chemical peel will probably be suggested.

If your eyelid skin has thinned to such an extent that the muscle is showing through underneath (which leads to a dark look) then a filler will likely be used.

If caused by Genetics

If your family has a history of dark circles below your eye then creams and gels will help lighten them but they will not remove them.

For example, if you have dark circles like the man in the picture above the chances of a cream working and removing the circles is not great.  A cream can lighten the skin around the eyes but cannot completely get rid of the dark pigmentation.

Depending on how your genetics are manifesting themselves in the skin around your eyes will determine the solution.  A doctor will need to determine this.  For example,  your skin may be casting a shadow and that is what is causing the dark look or your eyelid skin may be too thin which is causing the area to look darker than the surrounding skin.  Common medical solutions are chemical peels, laser resurfacing, fillers and surgery.  Fillers and chemical peels are usually temporary solutions and last about 8-12 months.