Treatment Options


Are you tired of the puffy bags under your eyes?  Eye bags can age you and make you look tired.   There are solutions for these.  They range from easy and affordable to harder and more expensive. What are Bags Under the Eyes? Eye bags are swelling of the skin below the eye.  The skin around your eyes is very sensitive. Because of this, it is prone to swelling and irritation.  Most of the time, having puffy eye bags isn’t the sign of anything serious but if you are concerned about them then by all means… Continue reading…



Eye bags, as we all know, can make a person look tired and old. In fact, it can actually add years to your face. Because of this, experts are continuously working to find ways that will help people get rid of their eye bags. One of the most common treatment options, which we will discuss today, is Blepharoplasty surgery. What is Blepharoplasty surgery? Blepharoplasty is the removal of the excess fatty tissues and skin underneath the eyes or in the eyelids. This procedure is done to help restore youthfulness in the face. Aside from the… Continue reading…

Home Remedies – Do They Work?


There are a lot of home remedies out there for under eye bags but the big question is:  do they actually work? Here is a look at the most common remedies and their effectiveness. Sleep This one is basic and is almost always suggested.  The theory behind it is – Get more rest and your eyes won’t look so tired and you won’t have the deep circles. Does it work? Yes.  The more sleep you get the less puffy and swollen your eyes will look. Cucumbers Another oldie, but goodie when it comes to eyes.… Continue reading…

Puffy Eyes Remedy


Are you tired of having puffy eyes? If the answer to this question is yes, then you need to read this.  We go over which remedies work, which ones don’t and what your options are. What are puffy eyes? Puffiness is the result of swollen skin.  The skin around your eyes is very sensitive. Because of this, it is prone to swelling and irritation. There are many possible causes of eye puffiness. The most common causes include fluid retention, lack of sleep, oversleeping, genetics, allergies, poor diet, aging, inflammation, stress, hormonal changes, diet, excessive alcohol… Continue reading…



Your treatment options for eye bags will depend on the cause. In order to know what will suit your problem best, knowledge about how it came about is vital. In order to help you, we will be listing what generally causes bags under the eyes.  By knowing the possible causes, you will know what treatments to try. Genetics Eye bags can be hereditary. This means that, if your parents have them, it is very likely that you will have them too. If it’s in your genes, then plastic surgery is the only effective solution to… Continue reading…

How to Remove


Are you tired of looking old, tired and sleepless because of your eye bags? If your answer to this question is yes, then this article is definitely for you. In it, we will discuss the various treatment options that you may want to try to remove eye bags. What causes eye bags? There are several reasons why we develop eye bags. Some of the most common causes include sleeping habits, allergies, aging, diet, genetics, and even a lack of exercise. In order to treat your eye bags, it is vital that you know what causes… Continue reading…

This Month’s Review


Dark circles and bags under the eyes are very common problems people have as they age. Aside from making someone look old and tired, these marks can also make someone very self-conscious about his or her looks. Luckily, there are many products in the market today that supposedly address these problems. The down side is that since various brands are available, it can become very hard to choose what will suit one’s needs. This month we will be taking a look at the Bella Joi line of products.   Bella Joi Dark Circles and Bags… Continue reading…

Bags under the eyes can be a pressing problem for many of us. They make us look older and tired and don’t project the view we have of ourselves.  If you are one of those who want to have better looking eyes, it’s important to reduce or remove the bags under your eyes. The good news is that there are so many options to help you end this problem.


Contrary to popular belief that sleeplessness is the only cause of eye bags, there are actually various reasons why they form. Some of the most common causes are genetics, diet, wrong sleeping habits and even aging. If you address the cause, it will surely be easier to get rid of your eye bags.

How to Get Rid of Them

There are a lot of ways to help you to get rid of your eye bags. If you are one of those who are not very keen in buying products or undergoing procedures, you can try out different home remedies such as cucumber and tea bags.

Aside from home remedies, you can also try out procedures such as eyelift and wrinkle filler. If you do not have budget for these, there are reliable eye gels and creams that can do the trick for you.

Treatment Options

The treatment of under eye bags will depend on what caused it in the first place. For example, if it was caused by fluid retention, then you should start to modify your diet because you may be eating a lot of foods that are high in salt. It may also help a lot if you will get enough rest and sleep because sleeplessness may also cause the appearance of bags under eyes.

Home Remedies for Bags Under the Eyes – Do they work?

Puffy eyes can make you look old and tired.  Some of the most effective remedies for puffy eyes include tea bags, cucumbers, tomato juice and more.  The most important question is:  do these work?  The answer: yes, they do.  Since most people lead busy lives and don’t have 15 minutes a day to lie around with cold cucumbers on their eyes most people go for creams or gels since they are much quicker and more convenient.


A lot of experts have been raving about the eye gels that are taking the beauty industry by storm. Based on reviews, eye gels are preferred by more women compared to other treatment options such as surgery and home remedies.