There are a lot of home remedies out there for under eye bags but the big question is:  do they actually work?

Here is a look at the most common remedies and their effectiveness.


This one is basic and is almost always suggested.  The theory behind it is – Get more rest and your eyes won’t look so tired and you won’t have the deep circles.

Does it work?

Yes.  The more sleep you get the less puffy and swollen your eyes will look.


Another oldie, but goodie when it comes to eyes. The theory is that putting a cold cucumber on your eyes will help.

Does it work?

Yes.  The cold constrict the blood vessels around your eyes.  When this happens the swelling around your eyes will go down.  This is a temporary fix but does work.


This one is similar to cucumbers.  The idea is to get the potato cold and then place on your eyes.

Does this work?

Yes.  Just like cucumbers the cold helps reduce puffiness.

Rose water

This remedy says to soak a few cotton balls in rose water, then gently massage them under your eyes for a few minutes.

Does it work?

Yes.  Rose water acts as an anti-inflammatory.  It will soothe your skin and help reduce puffy eye bags.

Tea Bags

With tea bags the remedy is to soak them in water before putting them in the refrigerator for about an hour, then take them out and put over your eyes.

Does it work?

Yes. Cold tea bags reduce the puffiness around your eyes so you look more awake.

What Else Works

Each of these remedies takes about 15 minutes in order to work.  If you don’t have 15 minutes morning and night to devote to putting cold cucumbers on your eyes you may want to try an eye cream or gel.  They can do the same thing but takes a lot less time.

It is recommended that you choose an eye cream or gel that has anti-inflammatory ingredients.  Some of the main anti-inflammatory ingredients used in eye products are aloe, cucumber and green tea.

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