Are you tired of the puffy bags under your eyes?  Eye bags can age you and make you look tired.   There are solutions for these.  They range from easy and affordable to harder and more expensive.

bags-under-eyes-treatment What are Bags Under the Eyes?

Eye bags are swelling of the skin below the eye.  The skin around your eyes is very sensitive. Because of this, it is prone to swelling and irritation.  Most of the time, having puffy eye bags isn’t the sign of anything serious but if you are concerned about them then by all means contact your doctor.

What are the causes of Eye Bags?

There are many possible causes of eye puffiness. The most common causes include fluid retention, lack of sleep, oversleeping, allergies, poor diet, aging, genetics, inflammation, stress, hormonal changes, diet, excessive alcohol intake, and other medical conditions.

What are the treatment options for under eye bags?

Here are the most common treatments that you can use to reduce swelling and bags around your eyes:

Creams and gels

A great over the counter option is to use a cream or gel specifically targeted to the under eye area.  Look for eye products that contain aloe and cucumber.  Those both contain anti-inflammatory properties which helps to reduce the swelling and puffiness.

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Home remedies

If you don’t want to buy creams and gels, then you may opt for home remedies. You should know that not all can be effective or, if they are, they may take a while before you will be able to notice the difference.

Some home remedies include washing the face with cold water, or applying something cold to your eyes.  The cold will constrict the blood vessels causing the swelling around the eyes to go down.  This is just a temporary fix.


If you are really bothered by your eye area, there are surgical options that you can try. Ask your doctor about the possibilities. Surgical treatments are usually effective and long term; however, they can also be quite pricey.

These are the most common and effective treatment options used for this problem.