One of the most popular skin care products is the Vitamin C serum. This is quite understandable since there are so many studies already that can prove how much it can benefit the skin to make it more radiant, glowing and young looking. If you are the type of person who would rather mix your own beauty concoction, then this article is for you.

Today, we will be providing a Vitamin C serum recipe that you may want to try at home.

vitamin-c-serum-recipeWhy Choose Vitamin C?

Many skin care products nowadays have been infused with Vitamin C as an ingredient. This may be attributed to the fact that countless studies have proven that this vitamin is beneficial not only to our over-all health, but in our skin as well.

Here are some of the things that Vitamin C can do for your skin:

• Vitamin C helps prevent the development of the different signs of skin aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. It is said to be a more inexpensive alternative for anti-aging creams and serums since they usually cost more.

• Vitamin C aids in brightening the skin to make it more radiant and glowing. It also aids in tightening the skin so that pores will be less visible.

• It is vital in increasing the collagen production of the skin. Collagen is important in maintaining skin’s elasticity and over-all condition. This is also the reason why Vitamin C has a powerful anti-aging property.

• It can decrease the negative effects of too much sun exposure. You need to remember that too much sun exposure can damage the skin.

Pros and Cons of Doing Your Own Serum

Of course, you will save more if you will do your own serum. However, you should not forget to be cautious. This is very important since facial skin can be very sensitive. To help you decide whether to buy or do your own at home, here are the things that you should remember:

• If you want to save more, doing your own serum may be a better idea.

• Be careful with the amount of ingredients that you will mix. Vitamin C is considered acidic. Therefore, it can burn your skin in high concentration.

• Buying one in the market will ensure you that the product is safe and has been properly tested.

Serum Recipe

If you still want to make your own serum concoction, here is a recipe that you may want to try.

You will need the following:

• ½ teaspoon Vitamin C Powder
• 1 tablespoon distilled water
• Dark container (if in a see through container the vitamin c will oxidize)


1. Pour the distilled water into your container.
2. Add the vitamin powder.
3. Stir or shake well.

The mixture will last around 2 weeks when put in the refrigerator.

As mentioned earlier, you need to be cautious especially when it comes to the concentration and amount of Vitamin C since it can burn or irritate the skin if used incorrectly. After all, you want to make a serum that will make your skin beautiful and not one that leaves your skin worse off.

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There you have it! This is a simple Vitamin C Serum recipe that you may want to try.