skin-care-routin-for-40sAging is inevitable. We will all age and experience the development of the most common signs of aging like wrinkles. If they are already starting to appear when you were in your 30s, then expect them to become more pronounced and aggressive in your 40s. The good news is that we can still do something about these signs. By knowing what you should include in your skin care routine while belonging in this age group, you will surely have a better chance of maintaining a youthful aura longer.

A Closer Look at Your Skin Changes

In order to understand what your skin needs, we need to tackle first the different changes that your skin will undergo during this time:

• Your skin will become duller mainly because of the drying of your skin.
• Different signs of aging will be more visible. This is a result of the thinning of the middle layer of our skin. When this happens, the skin may lose its firmness and elasticity.
• The skin may start to sag because of the slackening of the facial muscles.
• Hormonal levels will fluctuate which may result to acne.
• Skin discoloration will be more pronounced. You can also expect uneven pigmentation.

Must Know Skin Care Routine Tips

1. Use a good facial cleanser.

Most experts recommend the creamy type, which can be used every morning and night. If your face is sensitive, you can go for a mild cleanser. Although, just like what we mentioned earlier, you can be plagued with acne once more because of the fluctuating hormones. To deal with this, you can try cleansers that include salicylic acid.

2. Moisturize your face.

Moisturizing is critical to your long term looks.  If you want to look old and shriveled don’t moisturize, otherwise it is imperative that you moisturize daily – morning and night!  Use a cream with hyaluronic acid in it and it will give you a boost and help stop new wrinkles from forming.

3.  Use face serums.

The good thing about serums is that they are packed with the essential vitamins and minerals that can help the skin bring back its youthful glow. Take note that Vitamin C, A and E are very beneficial to the skin because they can increase collagen production. Collagen is important for the skin to maintain its elasticity and suppleness. Aside from Vitamins C, A and E, peptides can also stimulate collagen production.

Vitamin C is THE most powerful anti-aging component available.  It’s a natural skin brightener, helps prevent wrinkle formation and reduces the appearance of skin discolorationsIt can help.  Basically if you are looking for a fountain of youth for your skin this is it.

For more information on vitamin c serum, we have a special section on our home page.

4.  Give more importance to the delicate eye area.

Because of its thinness, your eye area is very vulnerable to changes brought about by aging. If you want wrinkles and fine lines to become less visible, use gels and creams that specifically target the eye area.

4. Your bedtime regimen is crucial.

During the night, your body does its work to rejuvenate the skin cells, although, in a slower rate. To boost this, you can ask about retinoid from your dermatologist.

5. Exfoliate your skin at least once a week to remove dead skin cells and to stimulate skin cell renewal.

Exfoliating is also important because it helps your skin to absorb better the beauty products that you use. If there is better absorption, you can also expect enhanced efficacy. Just remember to use a gentle exfoliant to prevent skin irritation.

As mentioned earlier, once a week can make a difference for your skin already. Too much of a good thing in this case is too much.  Exfoliating more often can make your face dry and dull.

These are the basics for skin care that a 40 year old needs to include in his or her regimen. If you haven’t started doing these tips, then start now.  It can really make a difference in how you look later in life.  Most people say that “40” is the new “30”. Well, this is definitely correct in some ways especially if your skin is healthy, flawless and beautiful.