For people in their 50s and older, it is important to stress that the skin care routine should be more focused now on anti-aging efforts and not just routine upkeep. As we all know, people in this age group will have more pronounced and visible signs of aging not just in the face, but in other parts of the body as well.

Before we discuss important points in your skin care routine, we will first tackle the changes that you can expect during this time.

skin-care-routine-for-50sA Closer Look at Your Skin Changes

Pigmented age spots will become more visible. If you spent time in the sun when you were younger without sunscreen you will start to see the results of that now.  Age spots result from too much sun exposure with the effects accumulating over time.

Pores will become more visible because of the loosening of the skin due to very slow collagen production. Aging slows down body processes such as skin cell renewal and collagen formation. Because of this, signs of aging will be more visible such as wrinkles, fine lines and even skin sagging.

Skin can become very dry. This is a result of hormonal changes in the body. During this time, women usually experience menopause. The changes in the estrogen levels will decrease the production of the natural oil in the body, leaving your skin dry and flaky. When the estrogen level of the body is down, there will be decrease production of sebum from the sebaceous glands.

Must Know Skin Care Routine Tips

Now that we know the changes that occur, we will now discuss what you need to do now so that your skin won’t make you look your age, or worse, older!

You Still Need Sunscreen

Some people think that they do not need sunscreen anymore when they reach a certain age. Well, this is not true. Even if you are already in your 50s or older, you will still need sunscreen to protect you from too much sun exposure.

Remove Your Makeup Before Bed

Most women of this age already do this but if you don’t always do it, start now.  It is especially important for this age group because your pores are now more at risk of becoming clogged with the dirt of make-up particles.

Wash Your Face with Lukewarm Water

Just like in any age group, you still need to cleanse your skin. If your skin is the normal type, you can cleanse twice a day. Wash with lukewarm water so that your skin will not lose its natural oil since your skin can become very dry.

Moisturizers are your friend

Your skin can become very dry because of the onset of menopause. You can deal with this by using a great moisturizer. Those infused with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are the best at this age.  Thick, rich and creamy moisturizers are preferred by many experts to lock in moisture to your skin.  Most experts recommend moisturizing twice a day.

Vitamin C Serum.

If you haven’t started using vitamin c serum yet, now is the time to start.  Dr. Oz loves topical vitamin c and says it can help a woman look 10 years younger.  Vitamin C is THE most powerful anti-aging component available.  It’s a natural skin brightener, helps prevent wrinkle formation and reduces the appearance of skin discolorationsIt can help.  Basically if you are looking for a fountain of youth for your skin this is it.

For more information on vitamin c serum, we have a special section devoted to it on our home page.

Some say that when you reach your 50s and beyond, you can expect a dull looking skin. Well, this should never be the case if you are religiously following a good skin regimen.  Always remember that you don’t have to look your age.  With these simple tips and incorporating anti-aging products as part of your regular maintenance you can look years younger not just now but in the future as well.